Our Bavarian Vacation

If you stopped by yesterday, you probably read my post about our stay at the Bavarian Inn Lodge and dinner at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant.  But, today I wanted to share more of our Bavarian vacation.  As I mentioned yesterday, there is a lot of shopping in Frankenmuth.  Our purpose for traveling up there was to visit Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland and to see what nativities I could purchase for my collection.

Wally Bronner founded Bronner’s in 1945 and since then it has grown to the World’s Largest Christmas Store®.  And, I kid you not… the store is the size of 1-1/2 foot ball fields.  I swear, it just goes on forever!  Its is almost overwhelming.  Each “room” of the store is decorated with a particular theme or decoration type, which makes it super easy to navigate.  But, if you get lost or need help finding something specific, just ask one of the workers!  I asked where something was and was immediately whisked right to the display.  Which, as big as the store is, blew me away!

And, even though the decorations and the sheer size of the store is amazing– that’s not even the best part!  The best part is the displays and vignettes that are on display!  Look up and look around… there is something to see everywhere.  From nativities, to elves, to Santa, and everything else you can think of!

Bronner’s has a massive selection of ornaments – anything from specific occupations, to sports teams, to cultural… literally anything you can think of, they probably have it!  Our family likes to purchase personalized ornaments every year – one of the family and then one for each of the twins.  I seriously couldn’t decide on what to choose!  But, choose I did and then headed over to the personalization desk… where the friendly staff was ready to personalize our ornaments for free!

IMG_1242Mo talking to Santa on the North Pole “hotline.”

IMG_1248The Detroit Tigers display

IMG_1250Bo picking out his personalized ornament.

IMG_1358At night, you have to head back over to Bronner’s and drive around – they light their Christmas decorations every night.  From lights in the trees, to vignettes in the windows, to amazing decorations that can be used as a backdrop to your Christmas cards!

IMG_1259Also on the premises is the Silent Night Memorial Chapel.  It was built after the Silent Night Memorial Chapel of Oberndorf, near Salzburg, Austria.  The replica began construction in May 1992 and was dedicated in November 1992.  As you walk into the chapel, there are plaques with the words to Silent Night in over 300 languages as well as a life-size nativity.  It is truly amazing.  When you visit, definitely make (tons) of time to visit Bronner’s and the Silent Night Memorial Chapel.

IMG_1260Another area to visit is the River Shops, which is within walking distance of the Bavarian Inn Lodge and Bavarian Inn Restaurant.  There are some cute and ecelectic shops!  And, there is even a bakery where the owner competed and placed on Cupcake Wars!  You can even try her cupcake that she made for the show!  From a sock store, to a candy shop, to beads, and toys– you can spend all day walking through the area while shopping and enjoying the beautiful landscaping!  Definitely a must-visit while in Frankenmuth!

IMG_1280Mo on the bridge over the Cass River to the River Shops

IMG_1281Bo on the bridge over the Cass River

IMG_1339This was downstairs at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant.  They are so darn cute, I had to share it.

IMG_1350Mo getting friendly with our house that took us site-seeing after dinner.

If you have never been to Frankenmuth, Michigan I highly suggest you plan a visit.  I’m not sure exactly what it is for others, but for me it was the old-world charm and feel about the entire place.  From our stay at the Bavarian Inn Lodge, dinner at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant, to shopping for bratwurst and knackwurst, to visiting the cheese haus… it was a whole lot of fun!  Definitely, a place to put on your visit list.

And, as for the nativities I bought… you will just have to wait for Christmas!

No compensation was received in exchange for this post from Bronner’s and/or the River Shops.  This is merely a post about our vacation and all opinions and views are completely my own.  There is no affiliation between this blog and/or Bronner’s, the River Shops, or the Silent Night Memorial Chapel.

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