Bed Bugs and Shrimp | Mini Van Dreams

Bed Bugs and Shrimp

Weird post title, right?  I promise you – this isn’t a post about us having actual bed bugs.  (Okay, now my arms are itching…).  You know how you have silly rituals with your kids?  Some of them might have even been from your childhood.  We have silly bedtime rituals with the twins that Nana did with my brother and I when we were young.  We always do the “sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite” but in our family it has a twist as you will see.  And, sometimes this turns into crazy, hilarious conversations… like last night.

Bed Bugs and Shrimp | Mini Van Dreams

Me:  Good night, sleep tight.  Don’t let the bed bugs bite.  If they do…

Mo:  Bite them back!

Me:  No!  Hit them with Nana’s shoe!

Mo:  No!  Bite them back!

Bo: *laughing hysterically*

Me:  I am not biting a bed bug.  They might be crunchy!

Mo:  So?  It’s okay if they are crunchy.

Me:  I think we should hit them with Nana’s shoe instead.

Mo:  Bite them back!

Me:  But they are crunchy!

Mo:  You eat shrimp and they are crunchy!

Me:  Shrimp isn’t crunchy, I peel them.

Mo:  They are sorta crunchy.


Now, how do I argue with a five year old’s logic on that one?  Especially when I am laughing so hard I can’t answer…


  1. Those are the kinds of memories that you will be glad you captured when the twins are all grown up!

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