Best Day Ever

You know you’ve done good, when your kids proclaim its the Best Day Ever.  Especially in the middle of a crowded restaurant during lunchtime.  While Nana thinks I don’t take enough days off to spend with my kids, I do take vacation days and do fun things with them… just the three of us.  And, as any mom of twins can tell you… it is very, very hard to take them out in public by yourself – sometimes you have to rely on strangers for help.  This particular day, I decided to take the kids up North to our favorite Mexican restaurant.  By myself.

Normally, this would be fine… but the twins are going through their “have to see every restroom in the tri-state area” phase.  Thankfully, we go to this restaurant a lot, so when we were making our third trip to the bathroom, the waiter kept an eye on our stuff so we I didn’t have to keep lugging it with us.

The kids love this restaurant.  I ate spicy Mexican all through my pregnancy and my kids were eating salsa and guacamole when they began eating solid foods.  So, a trip to the Mexican place is no big thing for them.  They love the food.  So, when I said we were going there to eat, the kids got so excited.

best day everBo drinking his iced tea.

best day ever mo and momSelfie of Mo and I

best day ever moMo eating a chip with salsa.  And, making a mess.

best day ever bo kissBo kissing mommy.

We were sitting at the table eating (in between restroom visits); the restaurant was packed with the lunch crowd.  Bo stands up on his chair and says loud enough for the entire restaurant to hear:

Mommy, I love you.

This is the Best. Day. Ever.

Guess this momma did good.

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  1. What a wonderful day! You will have to tuck the memory of Bo’s proclamation in your heart to pull out when you are having a not-so-awesome day. Everytime I read stories about you with your twins, I think of my son and daughter-in-law and their 14 month old little guys. It’s like you are giving me a view of the “coming attractions”. I love it! And I love Mo’s name!

  2. Awwww, sweet boy. I love how the simplest things are THE BEST for little kids.

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