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Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath

October is breast cancer awareness month and as you know, we lost Don’s mom to her battle with breast cancer a couple of years ago.  When we were contacted by Tree Classics to design a wreath for breast cancer awareness we jumped at the chance to help get the word out about breast cancer.  For more information on breast cancer and your risks, talk to your doctor and check out the American Cancer Society’s website.

Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath | Mini Van Dreams



Tree Classics’ Classic Noble Fir Wreath

1 pink feather boa (4-5′ length)

4 pink flowers

1 pink premade bow

2 pink curly-q flower picks

Foam letters – H O P E

Glue gun and glue sticks



  1. Hot glue foam letters together to spell HOPE.  Set aside.
  2. Wrap boa around wreath as shown in picture, tucking into wreath branches.  Tie ends in a knot at back of wreath.
  3. Using glue gun, attach bow to top center of wreath.  Hold for 30-45 seconds until secure.  Fluff bow as needed.
  4. Apply glue to end of curly-q’s and tuck behind bow.  Hold until glue sets, 30-45 seconds.
  5. Remove flowers from stems.  Apply glue generously to back of flower and attach to wreath as shown, again holding securely until glue sets.
  6. Determine where the HOPE letters will attach to wreath.  Apply glue generously to those areas and attach.  Hold firmly for 30-45 seconds until attached.  (See note below.)
  7. Hang your wreath to show your support for breast cancer awareness and enjoy!

Note:  If your letters are not stable, attach a thin piece of clear plastic to the back as a support.  I recycled the plastic pieces from the bow that was used in the packaging to keep it fluffy.




A complimentary wreath and $50 gift card for supplies were provided by Tree Classics to make this craft. No other compensation was received in exchange for this post.  No affiliate links are present in this post.  Please see my disclosure for more information.

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  1. Wanda hess says:

    I like this wreath and a great way to show support when hanging on your door!

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