Christmas 2013 in Pictures

Christmas this year was bittersweet.  Don’s mom recently passed away and our dog Deuce’s health was failing and it was obvious we were going to have to make a “decision.”  Of course, the kids were unaware of everything going on.  This year, the kids were so excited for Santa to come.  In fact, when Bo walked into the living room and saw the presents he said, “Holy Marshmallow, he did come!”  So, despite all the sadness, Christmas was fun… 

Christmas 2013 - Bo Opening GiftsBo sleepily opening presents.

Christmas 2013 - Bo GiftsBo excited about the Where’s My Water game.

Christmas 2013 - Mo Opening GiftsMo super-happy about her Equestria Girl

Christmas 2013 - Mo GiftsMo opening her Barbie video game

Christmas 2013 - Bo MonopolyBo super-excited about his new Cars Monopoly game

Christmas 2013 - Mo Princess GameDad in mid-yawn and Mo opening gifts

Christmas 2014Mo playing a game at the family Christmas

What was your favorite present for Christmas 2013?

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