Christmas Traditions – Guest Post by Nana

Christmas traditions – Do You Have Some for the Christmas Season?

I read that if you do something twice it becomes the start of a tradition. We have many at our house as you probably do too.  My daughter and her husband are starting traditions with their four year old twins and it is fun to hear the twins remember last year events and to say “and we are going to do it again!”

Here are some you might celebrate in your house:


Candles: Before electric Christmas lights were invented, candles decorated the Christmas trees.  The Candle reminds us that Christ is the light of the world.


Yule Log: A tradition originating in ancient Europe,  the yule log warmed the house during the cold Christmas night. It was brought ceremoniously to the fireplace and lit. Today many of us celebrate with a yule log cake.


Christmas tree: The evergreen is a symbol of the eternal life offered to Christians through faith in Christ because it stays green all year.  The treetop points heavenward. A star signifies the star that guided the wise men to Jesus.


Tradition of the Pickle: German legend claims the pickle brings good luck.  As the last ornament placed on the tree, the first child who found it Christmas morning received a special gift left by St. Nicholas.


Pig: German tradition claims that eating a roast pork dinner on Christmas Eve will prevent evil and promote prosperity in the new year.


Candy Cane: The candy cane begins with a stick of white candy that symbolizes the purity of the Christmas season. Red stripes are for the blood shed by Christ on the cross so that we may have eternal life. The candy forms a “J” to represent the name Jesus. It can also represent the staff of the Good Shepherd.


Aren’t these fun to read? My source was Bronner’s Christmas Favorites.


Do you have any special traditions in your home?


Start a tradition this year, or catch up on the ones from Christmas from the past…


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  3. Well done, Nana! I never knew the meaning behind many of the Christmas traditions that we take for granted. Thanks for sharing!

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