Coupon Book

In the past, I have shared exactly how I coupon with my busy schedule.  You can read that post here: Couponing.  Today, I am going to show you how to make an easy, inexpensive coupon book to store and organize your coupons.


  1. Small binder
  2. Coupon inserts
  3. Notebook paper
  4. Removable/erasable tabs
  5. Pen
That’s it!  I bought all these supplies at my local Staples for about $20.  I chose to use a small binder (the 1/2 size binder).  I figured my husband wouldn’t want to lug around a regular sized binder.  Plus, its a perfect fit to lay on top of my purse in the top of the cart.  Note:  I purchased those tabbed inserts for my book, but when I started putting everything together, the inserts for the coupons extended past the tabbed inserts and were blocked.  So, buying tabbed inserts was a complete waste of money.
Coupon Book
First, decide how you are going to breakdown your coupons.  This is not a one-size-fits-all.  My categories are: Baking, Beverages, Bread/Breakfast, Canned/Boxed, Cleaning/Paper, Condiments/Sauces, Dairy/Refrigerated, Frozen, Health/Beauty, Meat, Pets, Snack, Restaurants, Other.  These work for my family… but, use what works for yours.  Plus, the beauty of buying removable and erasable tabs is that you an change them to suit your needs!  The tabs are easily attached to the actual insert pages.
Coupon Book Tabs
When I purchased my coupon inserts, I bought two different styles.  One with three “long” slots and one with six “small” slots.  When setting up my book, I placed all my dividers in, and then put one of each type in each section.  Granted, this has been adjusted and changed over use.  Lastly, I put my notebook paper in the back to make my grocery lists on.
Coupon Book
Easy peasy right?
 Coupon Book





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