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Crushing! 10 Celebrity Crushes

Happy Monday!  Since I am so far behind, had a crappy weekend (think scratched cornea and needle in foot!), and I am getting sick, I am just going to get right to the list for today!  Do you have any celebrity crushes?  I do!  And, I am spilling the goods today!

Crushing!  10 Celebrity Crushes!  | Mini Van Dreams

  1. Vin Diesel
  2. Johnny Depp
  3. Angelina Jolie (don’t judge!)
  4. Guy Fieri
  5. Jerome Bettis
  6. Toby Keith
  7. William Peterson
  8. Robert Duvall
  9. Tom Selleck
  10. Tom Hanks

Any you like?  Who are your celebrity crushes?


  1. As a Notre Dame grad I can certainly support the choice of Jerome Bettis! My top celebrity crush is John Cusack (just watched Serendipity for the millionth time).

  2. Phoebe's World says:

    Celebrity Crushes? Shhhhh don’t tell MrD but yes…
    Top Five..
    1. Johhny Depp…enough said
    2. Anthony Keidis…for over 30 years…and looks a little like my MrD
    3. Keanu Reeves…yum
    4. Clint Eastwood..sexiness in every wrinkle
    5. Michael Buble …his voice makes me melt

    Love your list too…and I don’t judge.. 😉
    Phoebe x

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