DIY Blogger Tips

DIY Blogger Tips

So, you want to be a DIY Blogger?  Welcome to the club!  My blog started as a place to share stories about the twins growing up, and has since morphed into more.  I share recipes, scrapbooking tutorials, card making tutorials, and several other things.  Don’t be too caught up in what your “niche” is– and let your blog take you where it wants to go.  And, if that direction happens to be in the do-it-yourself blogging arena… here are some tips, tricks, and other info that I have learned along the way.

This past September, I had the opportunity to by a DIY Bloggy Squad leader at Bloggy Con ’13.  The group I had was amazing – they came up with so many ideas and tips – some I hadn’t even thought of!  So, first, I want to thank (in no particular order): DeDe @ Designed Decor, Karen @ Karen the Mommy, Tammy @ Yours and Mine Are Ours, Kara @ Happy Go Lucky, Kirsten @ One Tough Mother, Kimberly @ A Mom’s Point of View, Amy @ One Artsy Mama, Erin @ A Bird and A Bean, Heather @ The Homesteading Hippy, Beckah @ Becka Krahula, Sarah @ Sarahndipitous, Katrina @ The Virtual Helper, Jessica @ Handmade Cre8ivity, Amanda & Jenni @ Best of Bloggers, Amanda @ It’s A Fabulous Life, and Janet @ Gray Cardigan.

DIY Blogger Tips

Tips for DIY Bloggers

  • Keep it simple – don’t make your descriptions and directions too wordy or long-winded
  • Dumb it down – someone who might not be crafty or handy could be making the project
  • Keywords and categories are important – what would you search for?
  • Include all supplies that is needed – even the obvious, like scissors, tape, etc
  • Number the steps in your instructions
  • Be consistent in your format
  • Think outside the box for project ideas – reuse, repurpose, create
  • Ask your readers what they would like to know how to do
  • Link to experts – but don’t steal their content
  • Try sponsored posts
  • Consider blog hops (a few are listed below)
  • Pictures.  Pictures.  Pictures. – And, make sure you watermark them!
  • Share on Pinterest
  • Do a series of tutorials – i.e. earrings, bracelet, necklace set
  • Include share buttons, especially a PIN IT button
  • Create pinnable pictures – put the post title, blog name, web address on the picture
  • Consider a dedicated menu link for crafts/DIY/recipes, etc
  • Make sure your “alt” tags on your pictures contain your keywords
  • Be aware of Angel Policies and copyrights
  • Create vertical pictures, not horizontal ones
  • Check into “real world” publications
  • Pay-It-Forward with designers
  • Be credible
  • Don’t compete with other’s
  • Ask for help

DIY Blog Hops


Sharing buttons for both Blogger and WordPress can be found at

You can create watermarks and “pinnable” pictures without PhotoShop using Pixler (also available on mobile devices!)

Google+ Community for DIY Bloggers:

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  1. I want to be a blogger what do you think.Think anyone would read mine?

  2. Of course, but we both know it wouldn’t be a recipe blog…

  3. I am not a DIY blogger myself but, as a reader, I really appreciate your tips. I find DIY blogs so much easier to follow when they have lots of detailed pictures, simple and clear description of each step and when the blogger starts with the assumption that the reader is completely inept – because I am.

  4. I used to do the bare minimum until my friend at work told me her daughter made one of my recipes (she’s 12) and got confused with my directions. Now, I try to write them so kids can do them too.

  5. I love DIY projects, but often times I get so involved in the project that I forget to stop and take pictures along the way for the blog post. These are such great tips! I totally agree about listing the really basic stuff like tape or scissors as part of the project. Sometimes I look at DIY posts like, “Okay, how did they get that thing to stick to that other thing?” LOL Also, thank you so much for the list of blog parties.

  6. No problem! Thanks for stopping by!

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