boat on road

My Drive to Work on Wordless Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, which means its Wordless Wednesday time.  (But, I am going to say a few words.)  Let me set the background:  23°F, frost on the windshield, a little snow still on the ground… and this is what I followed ALL THE WAY TO WORK.  Now, it wouldn’t seem strange if I drove to work on an interstate.  Nope… country roads all the way.  Going through one small town, this boat (and the 2 feet of snow piled on top) was taller than most of the houses.  Going through a second small town, I seriously thought they were going to take out one of the businesses on the corner while turning.

boat on road

While, I could be super-snarky about this… I am now wondering… do you think someone was extra-good this year and was getting this huge boat in their stocking?

Not sure what they are going to do with it in 23° weather though.  I hope they have a window scraper.

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  1. Don Gibson says:

    Hmmmm interesting maybe they took a wrong turn and are really headed south for the winter with that big ol’ boat. The pile of snow on it is just to funny

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