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The Elusive Strawberry Eater {Repost} #TBT

The Ever Elusive Strawberry Eater is still on the lam at our house.  Its been since 2012 he or she has been hiding in the shadows, sneaking into the fridge and eating the strawberries.  So far, we have yet to catch him or her in the act.  We have gone so far as smelling the kids’ breath… desperate times call for desperate measures.  One of these days… Not Me is going down!

Originally posted June 29, 2012:

We have a serious problem in our house.

Someone sneaks into our house, past the dog, past my husband and I, and past the kids… to take bites out of the strawberries in the fridge.

I have yet to catch this person.  The rumor in our house is that the person’s name is Not Me.  I have no confirmation of this yet, nor a description to give to the police.

I have been considering issuing an APB on Not Me.  Perhaps even having him or her highlighted on America’s Most Wanted.  But, I’m not sure the cops will talk to me.

So, we continue to buy strawberries and Not Me takes bites out of the bottom.  It’s so bad, we have to wash the strawberries when we bring them home– we don’t want Not Me to eat any pesticides.

Not Me has gotten sly… he or she knows how to hide the half eaten strawberries in the carton so we don’t notice them right away.

Right before Not Me makes an strikes, there is alot of giggling in the kitchen, then silence, then the refrigerator door shutting.  Then., the sound of pattering feet into the bathroom and obsessive hand-washing.  I just can’t figure it out… Not Me is still on the lam.

Guard your strawberries.

When my kids are questioned– with the little spot light– they claim it’s “Not Me” and request a lawyer.

I think they are guilty.

I think they are in on it.

I think its all part of the conspiracy.

One of these days– I am going to catch the elusive strawberry eater red handed.

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