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First Rule of Soccer

Soccer practice started last night for Bo.  During practice drills, one of the kids kicked a hard ball and it hit Bo dead on in the chest.  Of course, it knocked the breath out of him and he came off the field for a bit.  After practice, Don went and offered to help coach because they still needed an assistant.  We then went to Subway.  The following conversation took place in the parking lot of the Subway after practice.  The first rule of soccer might surprise you.

Me:  Are you excited that daddy is going to help coach your team?

Bo:  Yeah, but I thought you would have helped.

Me:  Buddy, I don’t know enough about soccer to help coach a team.

Bo:  I do.  I know everything there is about soccer.

Me:  You do?

Bo:  Yep.  I could teach you.

Me:  Okay.

Bo leans back against the door (he was in the front seat with me while we waited) and crosses his arms.  He is quiet for a minute.

Bo:  Rule number one.  (He holds up his finger.)

Bo:  Never, ever get hit in the chest with a ball.


I laughed so hard, I cried.

Duly noted, buddy.  Duly noted.


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  1. That is a good Rule #1 for life!

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