Five Question Friday – May 17th

It’s finally Friday!  This week seems like it has been a year.  Whew.  The hubs hurt his back so I am sure we won’t be doing much this weekend.  Tomorrow, I am going with my friend to get hay for her horses.  That should be interesting.  LOL!  Well, without further adieu (I know, I know… I almost made it all week without saying that!)… it’s time for Five Question Friday!

Questions for Friday, May 17th: (Special thanks to Brooke (@HallBro) from Brooke and Michael, Pam (@trooppetrie) from Troop Petrie and Mama M for these 5QF question suggestions! Mama M would love to link you in a future 5QF, so follow her on Twitter (@5crookedhalos) and/or like her Facebook page and watch for the Thursday shout out plea for questions! Remember to @5crookedhalos and use hashtag #5QF if you go the Twitter route!)

1. Do you have a doppelgänger?

Okay, so I wasn’t even sure what that was.  Here is the definition.  Basically, it is just a double that looks like you.  I learned something today.

Anyways, I have yet to come across someone who looks like me.  (Would you even realize it if you had?)  I have, however, run across someone who looked like my dad and another one who looked like my brother.  When I saw the guy that looked like my dad, I was in Florida on a band trip and I actually sat down at the table with him because I thought for some reason he had come to keep an eye on me.  No joke.  The time I saw my brother’s lookalike, I was driving through a parking lot– this was a few years after he died– and I drove around and past him three or four times to make sure.

2. Do you keep your car cleaned up?

The inside yes.  I make the kids pick up their toys and trash.  The outside, not so much.  I drive in the country too and from work, so keeping the outside clean is a losing battle.

3. What is a current fashion that drives you crazy.

I would have to say those open-shoulder shirts.  Do you know what I am talking about?  Where they have longer sleeves, but then the fabric is open at the shoulder.  It’s like the person couldn’t decide to wear a halter top or a long sleeve shirt.  Drives me nuts.  Especially when people where them to work– totally inappropriate.

4. How often do you go grocery shopping?

I rarely get to go grocery shopping.  The hubs does it all… I think he uses it as an excuse to get away from us for awhile.  Just sayin’.

5. What has been the best surprise of your life?

By far, it would have to have been when the intern looked up from the ultrasound monitor and said “There’s two.”


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  1. a clean car! WOW! you rock! Only on Friday’s it’s clean, other than that it’s a war zone, LOL.

    Yeah, lol…”there’s two” would be a good surprise. Have a great weekend babe! 🙂

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