free blog finances printable

Blog Finances Free Printable

This is the second printable in my blog planner series… a blog finances free printable.  I promised Mo at Mocadeaux that this would be the next one I made!  So, here it is.  Eventually, I will be combining these into one easy-to-print planner, but for now, I will be posting them individually to allow my readers to pick and choose what they would like to use.  If you aren’t already, I highly recommend you begin tracking your blog finances.  Both expenses and income.

I know I am an accountant, but I am not giving any accounting and/or tax advice– please don’t ask.  See your tax adviser or accountant.  However, that being said… I will say, anything you earn on your blog– even if it is products for review — can be considered income by the IRS.  Please, see this publication on their website and meet with your accountant and/or tax person.  Blogging for compensation is sometimes considered a bartering situation.  Even if it isn’t for a particular situation, its nice to see what is coming in and out in regards to your blog.  So, I highly encourage you to use this one, even if you have never kept track before!

free blog finances printable

Please click the picture above or HERE to download the blog printable.

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Note:  While I am an accountant,  I am not a tax accountant, nor do I represent myself as one.  The opinions and statements made in this post are my own and should not be taken as professional advice.  Please contact your accountant or tax adviser for more information regarding blogging income and expenses.


  1. Thanks, Julia! I’m adding this to my collection of Mom on the Run x2 printables! This form will keep me much better organized than my current system – an envelope of receipts. Well done, fellow accountant! And thanks for the shout out!! 🙂

  2. You are doing better than me… mine were shoved in the bottom of my work bag.

  3. Don Gibson says:

    Very nice!!

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