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FREE Retro Songbird Recipe Cards

This past weekend, Don, Nana, the kids and I were in Holmes County, Ohio.  This area is one of the largest Amish communities in the United States.  We visited Lehman’s, which is one of those glorified hardware stores that has a little bit of everything.  While we were there, I was walking through looking for a donut baking pan and overheard someone mention they wish they sold retro-looking recipes cards.  (And, no… I didn’t rush over to them and hand them a business card and ask them to check the blog in a few days!)  It got my thinking… remember those old-school recipe cards?  They used to have various pictures that looked almost like drawings and sorta abstract?  Those 1950’s-looking recipe cards like your mom and grandma used to have…

FREE Retro Songbird Recipe Cards | Mini Van DreamsWell, needless to say, Lehman’s didn’t sell them and I thought… “heck, I will make some.”  I always say… write your recipes down.  Several times I have gone to make something and wished I would have had a recipe from whomever… but they had long since passed away and no one can recall the ingredients and measurements.  Get yourself a recipe box and start collecting recipes from your family and friends.  Generations from now, someone might be thankful that you wrote down your Great Grandma’s schnitzel recipe.

I have created my retro songbird recipe cards in 4×6.  You can easily print these at home or take them to an office supply store.  However, they are only for personal or classroom use.   I highly recommend you print these on cardstock which can be purchased at Walmart, Joann’s or other craft stores in the scrapbook area.  It is usually inexpensive – approximately $4 for 50 sheets.  (See your printer manual on the best way to feed the card stock through your particular printer.)  Make sure you use the printer option to print to actual size.  Print them. Then, cut them out!  Simple as that!  Please feel free to make as many as you need.

FREE Retro Songbird Recipe Cards | Mini Van Dreams

Retro Songbird Recipe Cards


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