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FriendlyBands SunshineLoom Review

I am sure you have seen the rubber band bracelet craze around town.  I wasn’t sure the twins were old enough to make the bracelets, so when FriendlyBands contacted me about reviewing their SunshineLoom for free, I was rather skeptical.  I am so glad I agreed though!  Mo, Bo, and I have had the best time making bracelets and doodads with our SunshineLoom.  It is so easy to use, and there are even more advanced techniques and patterns you can make when you become proficient at the basic concept!  To be honest, I have made bracelets AFTER the kids have gone to bed because I love it so much!

FriendlyBands SunshineLoom Review | Mini Van Dreams

As you can see, everything comes in the kit ready to go.  You can use the circular loom to make bracelets, necklaces, rings, keychains, and more!  The basic kit comes with the loom, storage lid, the fbHook, fbCharms, fbLinks, and tons of fbRubberBands.  Plus, the bracelets can easily be made to custom fit both children and adults!  What I love most is that the lid snaps on and it doesn’t come off, even when dropped off the table (the things I do for my readers…).  So, no rubber bands all over the place!

The entire loom seems to be really sturdy and well made.  There are number guides printed right on the loom for us parents that don’t have a clue!

If you are unfamiliar with the technique, it is very simple.  You hook the rubber bands onto the posts and then use the hook to link them together.  Once I showed Mo and Bo how do to it, they picked up on it right away.  And, if you are ready for more complex techniques, there are some amazing videos at FriendlyBands to help you on your way!

A simple, single strand bracelet is fun and perfect for beginners.  Mo and Bo picked up on this technique pretty quickly and I think we made one for everyone we know in several colors.

Sunshine Loom 4

While the entire loom is pretty cool, the coolest thing about FriendlyBands is that they were created by an 8 year old in 2011!  Jessica was making bracelets for her friends using little black rubber bands and thought they were cool.  Her parents took her on a hunt for colored rubber bands and they ended up at a beauty supply store.  Jessica then added clasps, beads, and charms to make her bracelets unique.  A few weeks later, Jessica saw a flyer about a fundraiser to assist a family friend with cancer treatment.  She made 100 bracelets all by herself and sold them to raise hundreds of dollars for the fundraiser.  She decided to start her own business.

SunshineLooms was one of the first looms on the market and is unique because its circular shape allows users to make multiple rowed bracelets with only one loom (rectangular looms require two or more!)  You can find out more about Jessica’s vision and the amazing young lady she is by visiting the FriendlyBands website.

If you are looking for a fun craft project for your kids or something to occupy yourself, definitely check out FriendlyBand’s SunshineLoom.  I was extremely impressed with the entire loom and will definitely continue using it for rubber band crafting projects.  In fact, I can’t wait to see what Mo, Bo and I create next!


Disclosure: I received one FriendlyBands SunshineLoom kit for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  No affiliate links present in this post.

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