Get Off Your Knees and Pray - A Book Reflection and Guest Post by Nana via Mini Van Dreams

Get Off Your Knees & Pray by Sheila Walsh

Today, Nana is guest posting and reflecting on “Get Off Your Knees & Pray” by Sheila Walsh.  Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy!  

Get Off Your Knees and Pray - A Book Reflection and Guest Post by Nana via Mini Van Dreams

Get Off Your Knees & Pray by Sheila Walsh:  A Book Reflection by Nana

If the title of this book has not made you curious perhaps the author has made you interested.  Sheila Walsh is one of those powerful christian women who travels and speaks at Women of Faith Conferences throughout North America.  Women of Faith Conferences bring thousands of women together in arenas for a weekend of love, laughter, and spiritual uplifting.(I have personally gone to one of these
in Indianapolis.)
When I first saw this book (at a garage sale for 50 cents) the  title caught me.  We have heard so often, get down on your knees and pray, humble yourself, fall down on your knees, kneel before the Lord.  Sheila writes from her own experiences about her prayers and how they have helped her through those happy and sad times in her life.  There are a lot of interesting points and themes in the book: 

  • Life changes in a Moment
  • I can’t do this, Lord
  • I don’t understand, Lord
  • Why is it so hard to pray?
Now praying is nothing new or uncommon to Christians. We do it all the time! And when you practice or do it a lot it is easy. Praying for someone means you represent that person. You have been granted the authority to speak for them to GOD.  Haven’t you ever said to someone “pray for me”.  Or what about when you call the church for prayers, aren’t you looking for more to call on GOD on your behalf?
Soren Kierkegaard said: Prayer does not change GOD but it changes him who prays.
Prayer is who we are. This book helps to  understand that.  
If we are on our knees or as we walk through each day.  There are moments when we want to kneel and there are those when all we can do is lay on our faces and call on the Lord.
But what about those moments when we stand, faces to the warmth and praise GOD in prayer for our blessings?
I close with a title of a song sung by Jake Hess(no relation) gospel Homecoming singer for Bill Gaither:

Prayer is the key to heaven, But faith unlocks the door.

So, start your day out with prayer, go through your day with  prayer and end your day with prayer – GOD IS LISTENING!
Prayers to you all, 
Get Off Your Knees and Pray: Guest Post and book discussion by Nana via Mini Van Dreams
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