Going to the Doctor’s

Okay, I need to vent a bit.

I started having this crazy reaction to some medicine my doctor switched me two about 4 weeks ago.  We are talking brain zaps, hallucinations, flu-like symptoms… the whole nine yards.

I call the doctor’s office and (of course) she is out of town for a conference and won’t be in until next week.  So, I pick the lesser of the two evils and choose another doctor in the practice.  This was a crazy situation.  Unfortunately, my doctor’s nurse that we knew really well– who would have called the doctor for me– recently took another job in the ER at the hospital.

Anyways, I digress.

I drive my crazy self to the doctor.

Of course, there is a room full of sick people.

I go in and the doctor comes in and asks me what is going on.

I explain to her I am getting these brain zaps.

She told me there was no way I was feeling that.

She asked why I didn’t just stop taking the pills.

Uh… cause the label says to not stop taking them without talking to the doctor because of serious side effects.

(Little background… the last time I took this class of drug, I decided to stop taking it cold-turkey, and I tried to kill myself three times by driving off the side of the road.)

Yeah, not going to stop taking them without seeing the doctor.

She finally agrees to change me to a different medicine.

So, I leave with my zappy self and go home.  The next day, I do some research on the drug I WAS on and it has been compared to coming off of a heroin addiction.  Doctors have said that it should be banned and labeled a category 2 drug and that they refuse to prescribe it to their patients.

Just great.

Thank God I only took it for 4 weeks.

So, I was still having the brain zaps and the withdrawal of the old drug.  I did some more research and found that the “cure” for this is Omega 3 fish oil and Benadryl.

Go figure.

It really works.

Anyways, I am two days into the new medicine and I cannot tell you how great I feel.  People keep commenting that the “old Julia” is back and ask what has been wrong the last few weeks.

I was a shell.

In a fog.

Something was wrong.


I guess the vent of this post is… if you are a doctor and I tell you something is wrong, if I explain or describe something to you… don’t discount it.  You can look at my chart and see I am not one of those pill seekers or anything like that.  There is truly something wrong.  I am there for an emergency reason, don’t disregard my concerns or tell me that isn’t how I feel.  Where is your bedside manner?  Don’t tell me I need to get exercise or perhaps therapy would help… (which, I swear to you she said to me…).


Don’t get me wrong… I love my regular doctor.  She has been seeing the kids since they were babies and we switched over to her after our doctor retired (whom I loved as well.)  She knows me and knows my background and knows that if I say I feel like my brain is being electrocuted… its the truth.

I just don’t understand how I am in there for a serious reason– I seriously thought I was going to be committed, it was that bad– and she has the audacity to lecture me about exercise.  Really.  Just because you are a flipping size 0, doesn’t mean I have to be.

I don’t understand some people.

I hope that doctor gets brain zaps for a couple of days in a row… then I can ask her if she has exercised.

Enough said.


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  1. (((HUGS))) oh no…that is beyond scary. I hate when doctors are just so clueless or just nasty to us. Glad you got them to go away, but that is not something to mes around with.

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