Halloween Recap

I’ve mentioned several times how much I love Halloween.  I dress up for work.  I decorate my house indoors and out.  Last year, was the first year we were going to take the twins out to trick or treat, but the weather was horrible.  This year, I was all excited… what could go wrong?  

Then, Sandy hit… and we got the aftermath of the storm.  Needless to say, this momma had to do some major juggling to make Halloween fun.  We invited Nana to stay and had our own little Halloween “party” complete with hot dogs, chips and dip, cheese ball, cupcakes, and gift bags with some goodies.  I was bummed we didn’t get to take them out again THIS year, but there is always next year.

The day we went to get pumpkins was crappy too.  We had plans on going to this really cool farm about an hour away where we went last year.  They have hayrides, games, play equipment, hay bales to play on, animals to pet… all kinds of things.  But, the weather looked rainy and it wasn’t all that warm so we went to a local dairy farm instead.  The kids got to pet some goats and we picked pumpkins.


My friend Helen and I dressed up as the tooth fairy (me) and the dentist.

My little Ariel princess and my little Mario.

The Motley Crue

Morgan posing with one of the goats.

Troy and one of the goats.

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  1. I liked the inside house party better than the outside trick or treat….I think the twins did too. But there is always next year and the next and next…..We just need to get the “daddy” to dress up too.

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