Handprint Crafts for Kids to Make

Handprint Gifts Kids Can Make

Who doesn’t like handprint gifts?  If you are like most American families, money is tight around the holidays and you have no idea what to give that is meaningful and heartfelt.  I racked my brain this year trying to come up with something awesome for the kids to do for the grandparents (spoiler alert!) to give for Christmas.  I turned to my friends at Oriental Trading and came across several cool and inexpensive gift ideas!

Oriental Trading sent me two hand print craft kits to try out and share on my blog.  You might not know it, but Oriental Trading not only has party supplies, but they also carry a huge selection of craft kits, scrapbooking supplies, beading supplies, and wedding supplies.  The cool thing is, no matter what the age group, you can find a craft that meets your needs!  I thought it would be neat to do something with hand prints, so I ordered the Handprint Peppermint Keepsake Craft Kit and the Jesus in the Manager Handprint Craft.  Both of these provided 12 projects each and were under $20!  Plus, both kits come with everything you need, except glue for the Peppermint Keepscake Craft.   How can you beat that?!

handprint gifts kids can makeThe supplies for the Peppermint Keepsake Craft Kit.  And, Mo’s face.

handprint gifts kids can makeWe used an old magazine to put the paint on.  The paint is washable, so no worries there.  To protect the table, we used the backside of a plastic place mat.

handprint gifts kids can makeDaddy helping Mo do her handprint.

handprint gifts kids can makeBo working on his Jesus in the Manager craft.

handprint gifts kids can makeBo putting the stars on his project.

handprint gifts kids can makeCompleted Jesus in the Manager Handprint Craft

handprint gifts kids can makeCompleted Peppermint Handprint Keepsake Craft

Not bad for a Sunday afternoon.

Christmas gifts for the grandparents?



In exchange for this post and review, I received a Jesus in the Manager Handprint Craft Kit and a Peppermint Handprint Keepsake Craft Kit  to make these projects.  All opinions and statements are my own and were not influenced in any way by the compensation received.  Please see my disclosure for more information.


  1. I love Oriental Trading Company! And as a new grandmother I have a renewed appreciation for anything with the grand babies’ handprints on it! These crafts are fabulous. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon and to have your children put their hearts and souls into gifts for their grandparents!

  2. The kids thought it was so cool that I actually let them put their hands right in the paint! It was hilarious.

  3. I’ll check it out this week!

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