Hankie Table Runner via Mini Van Dreams

Hankie Table Runner

I apologize for leaving you hanging yesterday for Day 3 of Easter Fun Week.  The kids and I came down with the creepy crud and it hasn’t been pleasant.  But, don’t worry… we will keep Easter Fun Week going until we get everything in!  Today, we are sharing a super-cute hankie table runner that would be perfect for Easter dinner!  

Hankies are a thing of the past, it seems.  However, you can still find some beautiful vintage hankies at thrift stores or online.  The ones I chose for this table runner were actually new and I ordered them off Ebay for a few dollars.  So, just because you do not have vintage hankies, don’t be discouraged!  Hit Ebay or Etsy and see what you can come up with!  And, if you can sew a straight line with a sewing machine… you can make this, I promise!

Hankie Table Runner via Mini Van Dreams


  • Hankies (washed and ironed)
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine



  1. You will need to determine how many hankies you will need for the length of your particular table.  The ones I purchased were 12 x 12″, but these can vary – especially if they are vintage.
  2. Lay out your hankies in a pleasing pattern – as you can see, mine were all floral designs, but I arranged them to flow smoothly with the color combinations.  Prior to sewing, you also need to make sure the edges match closely – some of mine were odd-shaped after washing them.  I just turned those sides to the outside to keep a smooth seam.
  3. Stitch two hankies, right sides together, along one edge.  Continue stitching each hankie to the one before until your table runner is the length you desire.  Note:  Depending on the finished edges of your hankies, you might decide to leave the seams exposed (see below)- if you do this, you will need to sew the hankies WRONG sides together.  
  4. Place on your table and enjoy!

Hankie Table Runner via Mini Van Dreams

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  1. Your mother is so proud of you and what you do in your sewing and cooking (as well as other things too)
    I love the idea of the hankies, they bring back alot of memories. I must look in storage boxes for some hankies! And the cake was delicious too.

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