Happy Thoughts

Last night at bedtime it was storming really bad.  Troy is like his daddy… THE Ohio State marching band could be playing in the room and he would sleep through it.

I was sitting on the couch and here comes Morgan sneaking down the hallway.  She climbed on my lap and held her for a bit.  We ended up going into my bed because Daddy just HAD to watch wrestling.

We were lying in bed and she was upset about the storm.  I was talking to her trying to explain that we were safe inside the house and that mommy and daddy and Bo (Troy) was with her.  I also told her she had Uncle Jeff watching out for her too.

When the thunder is scary during the day, we always tell her Uncle Jeff is just bowling and it is no big deal.  But, not at night.  At night, storms seem so much worse.

I was laying beside her and was stroking her hair and I told her to close her eyes and to think happy thoughts.

She asked me what kind of happy thoughts.

I told her to think about things that make her smile.

I asked her what kinds of things make her smile and laugh.

She replied, “You, mommy.”

My heart melted.


  1. So sweet. I can’t wait until my daughter gets older.

    Found you at Mom’s Monday Mingle – April @ 100lbcountdown.com

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