Holidays4Hunger and #GivingTuesday

There are 25 days left until Christmas.  If you are like most families, your children are looking forward to Santa’s visit and are writing their letters to Santa to be sent to the North Pole.  Normally, these lists include Hot Wheels and Barbies and fun toys.  But, some children in the United States want food for Christmas.

In some of the most poverty-stricken areas of Appalachia, 1 in 4 children do not have food.  In the rest of the United States, this statistic is not much better… 1 in 5 children do not have food.  Imagine the dismay of these hungry children when Christmas Day they wake up to find Santa didn’t answer their Christmas letter with a hot, delicious meal.

#Holidays4Hunger and #GivingTuesday

At MonkeyDo Project, we use our funds to help stock food banks in the Appalachian area.  Our goal for this year is to stock the shelves to ensure children wake up to a filling meal on Christmas Day, and every day.

This year, we are issuing a challenge.  Instead of buying gifts for the people in your life that have everything, instead take that money you would spend and donate it to our #Hunger4Holidays campaign!  Our goal is to raise $5000 this Christmas season.

#Hunger4Holidays and #GivingTuesday

We have made it through Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and today is Cyber Monday.  But, do you know that tomorrow is #GivingTuesday?  After the dust has settled from your shopping sprees, how about taking time to donate some much needed food to an Appalachian family?  Even a small donation can help buy food for local food banks.

Give a gift that matters  this year – we will even send you a cool printable certificate to give to your special someone letting them know that instead of buying gifts for them this year, you donated to help feed hungry kids for the holidays.

#Hunger4Holidays and #GivingTuesday

I encourage you to open your wallets and pocket books tomorrow for #GivingTuesday and help bring smiles and full bellies to hungry children in Appalachia.  

Don’t let them wake up Christmas morning and find out Santa didn’t answer their greatest wish.

Visit MonkeyDo’s Holidays4Hunger to learn more and to donate.


This post was written for social good.  All information and graphics used with permission.  No compensation was received in exchange for this post.

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