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This House Needs A Mouse by C. Jeffrey Nunnally

This House Needs A Mouse by C. Jeffrey Nunnally is a cute story about a mouse that is unhappy with his pet-shop, caged existence.  When a family comes into the store looking for a special mouse for their house (no, I’m not going to spoil the story!), he finds himself free and happy.  But, when the family decides to move and a new family moves in, his life goes from grand to horrible in a blink of a eye.

Mouse traps and a lazy cat, coupled with his new family, makes for an interesting, fun-filled story that will entertain your children as you share it together.

This House Needs A Mouse | Mini Van Dreams

This super cute story, with its beautiful illustrations and fun prose makes this a great story for emerging readers.  In fact, the first night we had the book, the twins had me read it to them three times!  This is adorable story about a mouse with grand dreams that come true, and that perseveres when the going gets tough, and ends with a happily-ever-after.  The prose and illustrations remind me of old-school books that they had when I was a child.

My kids loved this book and love pointing things out in the beautiful illustrations, and repeating “this house needs a mouse” at the appropriate times.  It is a quick, easy read and the wording and prose makes it fun to share with kids.  This would be an excellent Christmas gift for the child in your life!

This House Needs A Mouse is now available now on the AmazonBarnes and Noble, and Big Tent Books.

The twins and I give this SIX thumbs up.  Now, if I can only convince them that OUR house DOES NOT need a mouse.

Disclosure: I received This House Needs A Mouse by C. Jeffrey Nunnally  for free  in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  No affiliate links present in this post.


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