I Am Malala

Who is Malala?

Malala Yousafzai is a 14 year old Pakistani girl who was shot by the Taliban for demanding that she and other girls be able to attend school.  She was shot in the head simply because she wanted to attend school.  Miraculously, Malala is still alive and is recovering from her gunshot wound.  Recently, she stood up on her own in the hospital since the attack.  Malala had the strength and grit to stand up for the 32 million girls worldwide who are denied the chance to attend school.

I am Malala.

November 10th is a a global day of action to help.  On this day, the UN Special Envoy for Global Education will be meeting with the Pakistani President to present a petition to inform him that the world will not stand idle and let girls be denied the right to attend school.

On November 10th, the UN Special Envoy for Global Education will request the Pakistani President to deliver an education plan for every child, and send out a call that all countries outlaw discrimination against girls and that international organizations get involved to ensure the 61 million out of school children get the chance to go to school by the end of 2015.

  • 115 million child laborers are involved in hazardous work
  • 61 million children are banned from attending primary school
  • 34 million adolescent girls are not in school
  • 16 million disabled children are not in school, 1/4 of these being blind


How can you help?

  • Sign the petition at I Am Malala.
  • Tweet messages using the #IAMMALALA hashtag on November 10th
  • Post I AM MALALA as your Facebook status on November 10th
I signed the pledge, won’t you?  We can’t sit by and let children be barred from attending school.  Every child deserves an education.


I am Malala





  1. Beautiful. It is so important to spread the word about this amazing girl and all that she represents. Thanks so much for sharing. Found you on twitter. All the best – Monica

  2. Thank you for visiting and for the support!

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