ice dying tee shirts

Ice Dying Tee Shirts

Bloggy Con ’13 was in September and in our ‘swag bag’ was a couple of packages of RIT dye and some instructions on ice dying tee shirts.  I thought it would be fun to do with the kids, so we tried it out.  While it was very messy (WEAR GLOVES!) the end result was super-cool.  Read on to make your own…

Supplies (for 1 shirt)

1 package powdered RIT dye in your color choice

access to a sink or hose

1 bag ice (you can make 3-4 shirts with 1 bag)

1 white tee-shirt

plastic wrap


washing machine and detergent

rubber gloves



ice dying tee shirts

Wet the tee shirt slightly.

Head outside, and lay the tee-shirt out on an old towel or on the ground – somewhere you don’t care if it gets stained.

Spread ice on top of the shirt in a single layer.

(The amount of ice you use will affect the end result.)

ice dying tee shirts

While wearing gloves (trust me on this one), sprinkle the powdered dye all over the ice and shirt.

Do not be concerned about any white spots– when you wash the shirt, the dye will get those areas.

ice dying tee shirts

Allow the ice to melt.

ice dying tee shirts

Wrap the shirt in plastic wrap.  Microwave for 1 minute.

Wash in a washer on the normal cycle (by itself!) with detergent.

Dry in the dryer or let air dry.

Wear your cool creation!

This was a lot of fun to do with the kids and would be perfect for a youth group or just your family.  However, wear gloves and old clothes.  Did I mention to wear gloves?  I didn’t… and it took 2 weeks for the dye to come completely off my hands and feet (I was wearing flip flops.)  Mo and Bo love their creations and can’t wait to make more!  Have fun!

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  1. Don Gibson says:

    This was a fun adventure, I had never dyed a t-shirt before. The kids were super excited about their shirts and couldn’t wait to wear them to school. Most definitely don’t forget the gloves, was a little on the messy side

  2. I plan to make one too…..looks like fun. I have seen Mo’s and her’s is beautiful in purple

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