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Jungle in Our Bathroom

There is a jungle in our bathroom.  Some days, I am afraid to open the door.  I know what you are thinking… but it is worse.  Much worse.  I am never quite sure what will greet me each morning at 5 am when I come downstairs to take a shower.  It’s rather scary.

I have always wanted to live in the country, but I married a city boy.  Where we live now, I like to call the “pseudo-country.”  We are close enough to a dairy farm that I can hear cattle moo and corn rustling in the fields.  But, sometimes we are too close to the country than I am comfortable with.

Especially when my bathroom is like a jungle.

Jungle in Our Bathroom | Mini Van Dreams


We have the normal creepy crawlers that most people have.  Spiders.  Ants.

But, we tend to have a vast array of other critters… and they seem to congregate in the bathroom.

You know, you have never truly experienced motherhood until your son excitedly yells out, “I didn’t know we had worms in the bathroom!”  (They were millipedes.)

Rolly pollys that Mo brought into the house in her pocket several years ago.

I keep finding those.

Daddy long legs.

Cellar spiders

HUGE, SCARY spiders.

Earth worms (courtesy of Bo.)

Silver fish.



Mouse.  (So far, just one…)


Millipedes, or “worms”.

I sometimes wonder if I will ever walk in and see a snake.  And, I’m only half joking.

Sometimes, the wildlife in my bathroom isn’t real… Thank God.  Like the mechanical spider the kids like to trick me with.

Or the lion in the closet.

Or the sharks in the bathtub toys.

Or the plastic frogs.

Or turtles that look real at midnight.

Recently, I even went to the bathroom in the middle of the night with a horse.

A horse.

I guess it is better than waking up with one in your bed.

Oh wait… I did that too.

Needless to say, I never know what will greet me when I walk into the jungle bathroom.

Perhaps I should get myself a pith hat to wear on my excursions.

Of course, knowing my luck… there’d probably be a tarantula in it.



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