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Are you looking for a cool gift for the man in your life?  Father’s Day is coming up soon.  How about a new leather cell phone pouch with a card holder?  I was recently given the opportunity to try out and review a Snugg black leather pouch case made by The Snugg.  Snugg also offers Kindle covers, iPad and tablet cases, as well as cases and covers for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxies.

snugg case

This pouch is very nice… the leather is supple and feels expensive and well made.  There is a pocket on the front to hold credit cards, a driver’s license, or even business cards.  The inside is a soft material – nubuck fibre – that keeps your cell phone from being scratched as it is being slid in and out.  The speakers area is cut out that allows you to hear the phone ring even while it is protected within the pouch.  The pouch comes in the black leather shown above, and also comes in brown leather and tan suede.  The case features a pull-tab that “ejects” your phone from the pouch.  It also comes with their Snugg Promise and a Lifetime Guarantee.

This phone case is not for busy moms lugging kids and diaper bags around.  I found it rather hard to juggle a purse, the twins, and their stuff and trying to slip the phone out of the pouch to answer it.  However, I think it would be perfect for an executive or someone in the business world– it is very sleek and stylish, would easily fit in an interior suit jacket pocket or possibly even in the front of a planner binder.  That being said, I do think it is a very nice case and would be a perfect father’s day gift.  

The only issue I had with the case is that at first it was rather hard to pull my cell out– the case fits very very tightly.  But, after a couple of days it loosened up enough– while still snug in the case– it allowed me to pull my phone out rather easily… albeit, not one-handed while juggling kids and bags.

Just a little note– the cell phone fits down into the case and is completely covered– I had mine pulled out in the picture so you could see how it worked.

For the above review, I received a complimentary Samsung Galaxy S3  black leather pouch case in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.


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