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LEGO Creativity Tour – Columbus, Ohio

Recently Don, the kids and I had a chance to attend the LEGO® Creativity Tour in Columbus, Ohio.  If you are a fan of LEGO bricks, then visiting the Creativity Tour or LEGO Fest is a must!  Just the Big Brick Pile is worth the visit!  Can you imagine a HUGE pile of LEGO® bricks that you can jump in, make “LEGO® angels” in, or just sit and imagine how many bricks are really in the pile!  I am just glad I don’t have to clean it up!


The kids loved visiting the LEGO® Creativity Tour!  With the various areas and stations, there is definitely something for everyone of all ages.  The coolest thing about the LEGO® events is you can play… it isn’t just things to look at.  You can play and build and and create and have fun!





One of the coolest features, at least to me, are the giant statues of popular characters and animals made from LEGO® bricks!



Another cool spot at the LEGO® Creativity Tour is the mono build.  All the LEGO® bricks were purple… it was interesting to see the kids use their imaginations to create things without the help of colors.



If you are a LEGO® brick fanatic or have children or grandchildren who love playing with them, visiting the LEGO® Creativity Tour or the LEGO Fest is a must! We highly recommend it. It is worth every penny and it is an amazingly fun time!


We received four complimentary tickets to the LEGO Creativity Tour in Columbus, Ohio in exchange for my unbiased opinion and discussion of our experience.  For more information, please see my disclosure page.


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