How do you like your tea? Guest Post by Nana

How Do You Like Your Tea?

Are you a tea drinker? A hot tea drinker?


As a child ice tea was a treat my mother would make us as a change from Kool Aid. When I was older and in one of my travels to Atlanta, Georgia, I had my first taste of “sweet tea.” WOW! was that good.


Now in my Senior years I enjoy a good cup of hot tea.


You can make it quick: fill your favorite mug with water, insert in microwave and heat water; when finished drop in your tea bag.


You can buy hot tea in a restaurant. When brought to table your tea bag is laying on the side on a saucer and perhaps a slice of lemon. And I have been told they don’t charge you for the water but for the tea bag!


To get a cup of tea, you can do any of those things and you probably have. But had you thought about taking time to prepare for a cup of tea?


Taking time to prepare a proper cup of tea allows you to pause in the routine of daily life, to slow down – to elevate yourself to a higher level.


Pull out your tea kettle and fill with freshly drawn water.Place it on stove and wait for it to whistle. While waiting gather your supplies:
  • Your favorite cup with a saucer or your mug that has alot of memories.
  • Sugar cubes, clover honey,milk, or lemon slices.
  • Tea bag or tea leaves
The teapot is whistling, it is time to assemble your drink.


First pour the water into your cup, add your selected tea in a bag or loose. Swizzle the lemon or pour the milk. Drizzle some honey or swirl the sugar cube.


You are ready……Now sit back and allow yourself the serenity of the first sip.


Let its warmth seep through your limbs, thaw your tummy and soothe your soul.  Or, as my granddaughter says, “Let it give your heart a bath.”


A cup of hot tea…simple and satisfying!


So, how do you like your tea?

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  1. Mandy Jenkins says:

    Hi Nana, I like my tea iced and plain. No sugar and no lemon. My favorite Uncle always had a large glass nearby. Next to his tea was his spit cup for his chewing tobacco. Every chance I got, I snuck a drink of his tea until one day I grabbed the wrong cup. Thank goodness wintergreen Skol smells different.

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