Lunch Bag Pal via Mini Van Dreams

Lunchbox Pal

This week is Valentine’s Day Fun Week and today we are bringing you a super cute lunchbox pal that you can tuck in your sweetie’s lunch or even give as Valentine’s greetings!  No special skills required!  Make sure you check out our other fun Valentine’s Day ideas and come back tomorrow for more!  There might be a couple of surprises this week…

Lunch Bag Pal via Mini Van Dreams

Supplies (for one lunchbag pal)

  • 4 chocolate hearts
  • transparent tape
  • 1 stick note OR 1 sheet of printer paper cut to 3 x 3″
  • 1 – 3×5″ index card or cardstock cut to dimensions
  • 1 ink pen
  • 1 piece baker’s twine, embroidery floss, or yarn



  1. Using tape, rolled into a loop, attach hearts to center of index card as indicated in picture.
  2. Write your secret message on the backside of the sticky note.  Roll up, beginning at opposite side of sticky strip, and continue rolling until sealed.  (Note: you might have to trim edges, depending on how big your candy is.)  If using printer paper, seal with small piece of tape.
  3. Tie twine around one end of secret note to make antenna.
  4. Using tape, rolled into a loop, attach body (seam side down) between the candy heart wings.  Arrange antenna, if needed.
  5. Decorate index card as desired.
  6. Give to someone special!


Lunchbag Pal via Mini Van Dreams


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  1. Don Gibson says:

    Wow pretty cool. I want one of those in my lunch box. You can never go wrong with chocolate hearts.

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