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Maternity Worldwide believes that no woman should die in childbirth.  Every year 287,000 women die in childbirth worldwide.  One mother every two minutes.  These deaths could easily be prevented.  The sad thing is, most of these woman die from complications and/or conditions that are readily and routinely treatable in other parts of the world.


Maternity Worldwide is a British organization dedicated to improving maternal health in developing countries.  They do this in several ways, including providing information to communities on family planning and maternal health, improving access to health care facilities, training local doctors and midwives, providing equipment and supplies to medical centers to help enable safe births, as well as empowering women by assisting them in setting up their own businesses.  You can learn more about their vision, purpose, mission and values here.

Currently, Maternity Worldwide is working in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Uganda.  They also have research projects including CRADLE, which is community blood pressure monitoring in rural Africa to help detect early pre-eclampsia.  They also are involved in Safe Place of Birth Project in Ethiopia that helps evaluate maternal risks and help the women access the appropriate medical services.

According to Maternity Worldwide’s website, the following causes of deaths in pregnancy and childbirth account for 80% of all maternal deaths.

  • Severe bleeding after childbirth
  • Infections
  • High blood pressure during pregnancy
  • Unsafe abortions

Check out these mother’s stories and see how Maternity Worldwide has helped them.

You can help Save a Life This Christmas!

For the month of December, they are offering an alternative Christmas gift idea.  For $24, you will fund a safe delivery in sub-Saharan Africa.  For $81, you will fund a safe emergency delivery.  For your donation, you will receive a Safe Birth Certificate that can be personalized and given to your chosen recipient.


All pictures and information used with permission from Maternity Worldwide.

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