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Meal Planning Binder Series: Grocery List

Today is the second installment of the Meal Planning Binder Series.  How did you do last week using your weekly menu planner?  It makes life a lot simpler doesn’t it?  It also saves money and keeps you on track for your budget.  Plus, if your kids are old enough to read, it answers the “Mom?  What’s for dinner?” question.  Today’s printable for your Meal Planning Binder is the Grocery List.  This is the second step in meal planning and saving your hard-earned money.  Let’s get started!

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Most of us already use some sort of grocery list – whether it be on the back of an envelope, on our phone, or just in our heads.  With today’s Grocery List printable, you will learn to use it in conjunction with your weekly menu planner.  Don’t have your weekly menu planner yet?  Click here for part one of the Meal Planning Binder Series!


Grocery List


Meal Planning Binder Series: Grocery List via Mini Van Dreams #mealplanning #printables


So, how do you use this grocery list?  Easy.

Sit down each week, and using your weekly menu planner, list the meals out for the week.  Don’t forget any special occasions or meals you know will be eaten out.  If you are using a recipe, it helps to jot down the recipe name and/or page number and cookbook to make it easier during the dinner time cooking rush.

Still with me?  Good.

Now, you will use your grocery list printable to make your grocery list.  Genius, right?

Seriously though.  Look through your weekly menu planner and jot down on your grocery list all the items you need to make those meals.  Consider the staples you already have, like oil, sugar, flour, etc.  Consider what staples you need to buy.  Don’t forget paper items like toilet paper or paper towels.  Your goal is to eliminate the need for additional trips to the store to buy that specific item you need for a meal.

Easy, right?

Don’t forget to print several of the grocery list printables and add a divider to your binder for “Grocery Lists”.

Now, get to work and get grocery shopping – the easy way!

Check back next week for a monthly meal calendar!

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  1. Brilliant! Although I am not very good at meal planning, I can definitely see myself using this grocery list template. I waste so much time at the grocery store because my shopping list (written usually on a post it note) is a “free association” rambling of things I need. I can do 10,000 steps in one trip to the grocery store! I love the way your list is organized. And, I’m on board with anything that involves binders.

  2. Very good idea! We had to run back to the store for a couple of forgotten items yesterday…

  3. Tried to leave a comment at the meal planner post, but it said comments were closed? Anyhoo (my spelling), do you have any tips for the meal-planningly-challenged?

  4. Oh no! I will have to check it out! My recommendation is just to start small. Plan 2-3 meals a week. Something that you know you and your family love. Then, head to the library or online (check out my recipe link!) and gather some recipes. Try 1-2 new recipes a week. Once you get a good mix of recipes that your family loves, just put them into a rotation and continue adding new ones. It seems daunting, I know. I was the master of going to the grocery store without a list or a plan and always ended up with rotten veggies and bad meat because I didn’t use them up. Good luck!

  5. At least you write yours down… I used to “keep” it in my head. LOL.

  6. Terry Cope says:

    i absolutely love your recipe page and have begun using it. Would you consider making a single page with just directions at the top and then all lines the rest of the page. I have several recipes I am unable to get the directions in the space provided.

    Thank you

  7. I will put it on my list and try to work on it this weekend!

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