Meet Elmer

This is Elmer.
Elmer and I have been friends for many, many years.
I don’t see Elmer often.
In fact, I haven’t seen him in probably 25 years.
But, Elmer looks the same.
Okay, maybe his hair is a little worse for wear.
And, his eyes don’t jiggle anymore.
Elmer is my friend.
Elmer loves me.
I saw Elmer again this summer.
I was so excited, I think I jumped up and down and clapped.
Elmer makes me laugh.
I love Elmer.
Now that you think I have finally gone of the deep end… Elmer is a puppet that our Church uses for it’s puppet ministry.  They used Elmer when I was a little child and occasionally Elmer makes guest appearances… like he did at Vacation Bible School this year.  I was walking down the hall with  my class when I heard Elmer’s voice in the preschool area… I literally barged through the door to see him!  
I didn’t realize how much I missed Elmer.
I happened to be flipping through my iPhone pictures last night and found this picture.  It made me laugh.  So, I am sharing it with the world.
Meet Elmer.
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  1. OH I LOVE THIS POST. I could feel the emotion behind it. Life comes full circle, so glad he made such an impact on you as a child.

  2. Anonymous says:

    oh yes dinoheromommy she has alot of emotion connected to Elmo. Wonder what she will do when they retire Elmo!!!!!

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