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Meeting David Hasselhoff

Did I ever tell you about meeting David Hasselhoff?  Every year, when the Indianapolis 500 comes around, I always chuckle to myself.  That’s where I met David Hasselhoff.  A chance meeting.  I was one of many females clamoring for attention.  However, what happened caused him to single me out of the crowd, say hi and shake my hand…  And years later, still gives my family fodder to make fun of me.

Meeting David Hasselhoff | Mini Van Dreams

Growing up, I was always a “tom boy”.  I worked on cars, played with cars, and eventually raced cars.  My dad always encouraged this and would try to take me to various racing events to see racing in all its forms.  One year, dad decided to take the family to the Indianapolis 500 time trials.  I was super-stoked!

At the time, Lyn St. James was trying to qualify for the race. I was so excited to be able to see an actual female driver in the Indy 500!  This was long before I got into drag racing… so, this was a big deal for a 12 year old girl who liked cars.

Being into cars, I also loved watching car-related TV shows and movies.  One of my favorite shows growing up was Knight Rider.  (You see where this train wreck is going, don’t you?)  In fact, I loved Michael Knight and Knight Rider so much, when asked what I wanted to name my brother I told them “Michael.”  They ended up picking it for his middle name, and subsequently 19 years later Bo’s middle name is Michael also.

At Indy, we watched some of the time trials and then decided to go to the infield museum.  While walking over there, my brother and I got separated from our parents because of the huge crowds.  We spotted them across this access road and got their attention.  They stopped and waited for us.

We couldn’t cross right away because there was this huge crowd of women clustered together walking toward us.  All sorts of women… well-dressed, less than well-dressed, half-dressed, old, young… you get the picture.  We stood there waiting for this mass of people to walk by before crossing the street.

Then, all of a sudden I catch sight of what the crowd of fawning women are surrounding.

David Hasselhoff.

Oh.  My.  God.  David Hasselhoff.

You know the scene at the beginning of Baywatch when David Hasselhoff is running and its in slow motion and his hair is flying in the breeze.

Yeah, time stood still like that.

As people were hollering and clamoring for attention, chanting “David!  Over here!”  Women were touching him and people were asking for autographs.

I couldn’t form a coherent sentence.

I wanted to meet him.

I had seen him on TV.

Oh.  My.  God.  David Hasselhoff.

As he got closer, my brother and I were waving with the rest of the crowd.

Until I got the brilliant idea to yell out to get his attention.

Except… in the excitement… I couldn’t remember his name!


David Hasselhoff heard me, looked up, smiled and walked toward us.  He shook my brother and I’s hand and said it was nice to meet us.  Then walked away.

I was awestruck.  I was star struck.

Michael Knight just shook my hand!

Once the crowd of women passed, we crossed the road and went on our way to the infield museum.  I never thought anything more about it during the excitement of the day.

A few days later, I was telling my  grandparents about the race and how I met someone famous and he shook our hands.  My grandpa asked who it was and I immediately said, “It was Michael Knight!  Can you believe it?!”


Finally, my grandpa said, “You mean David Hasselhoff?”  Everyone bust out laughing.

My one chance to meet David Hasselhoff and I call him by a television name from a show he hadn’t been on in years.



Michael Knight, a lone crusader in a dangerous world.  The world of…. Knight Rider.


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  1. This david story is the best memory cause he was recently on the “Talk” and of course i remembered indy 500

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