Monday Listicles: 10 Chapters in My Autobiography

It’s Monday.  Where in the world did the weekend go?  We spent a wonderful day with my favorite father-in-law on Saturday, I cleaned out the kids’ fish tank and managed to kill the fish (don’t ask) and then turned in my last homework assignment for Accounting Theory.  Busy weekend.  And, not it’s back to work for another crazy week.  This week’s topic is 10 Chapters in my Autobiography. Next week’s topic is 10 Ways to Kill 30 Minutes.  We’d love to have you… come join in on the fun!

  1. Nothing To Do But Watch The Stop Light Change — Growing Up in a Small Town

  2. Blood, Guts, and Burnt Rubber — The Racing Years

  3. Lost Money and Multiple Majors — Three Colleges and Three Majors

  4. Losing a Brother.  Losing a Father.  Learning to Survive.

  5. I Kicked Infertility’s Ass — Infertility Sucks

  6. An Accounting Major — Didn’t I Flunk Math in High School?

  7. Associates Degree.  Check.  Bachelors Degree?  Why Not?

  8. Sleepless Nights — Having Twins

  9. I’m Going to Pass Myself Coming and Going — Life With Twins

  10. Masters of Science.  Twins.  No Problem.  — Going Back to School.


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  1. LOVE the list…I swear I cry every time a mom tells me she went through infertility too…even though I already knew you did…that pain will forever stay with me.

    Though now, my terror is fearing that I will be bringing my son to the hospital with a broken bone because of a crazy stunt…LOL

  2. Infertility DOES suck, but i’m kicking it’s butt and hopefully this week I will be kicking it for a second time! I love your site lay out by the way!

  3. Well baby dust to you, my friend!

  4. I know. I wish we would have known each other when we were going through it. I was all on my own… all my friends had already had babies and were no help and didn’t understand.

  5. Great list! It was short and sweet, but packed with a lot of information. I love the chapter title – “Nothing To Do But Watch The Stop Light Change — Growing Up in a Small Town” – how many people have twins that do Listicles??? Really cool!

  6. Good list!
    I’m headed back to school too!

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