Monday Listicles: 10 Real or Imagined Bands

Another weekend has flown by and it’s time for work once again.  The boys managed to get the swing set put together and the kids were able to play on it for a bit.  (It was cold Saturday).  I also spent a hilarious lunch at the airport diner with my niece and the twins.  Definitely future post-worthy, we were the entertainment of the entire diner.  Then, yesterday I took Nana to see Sound of Music at La Comedia Dinner Theater.  Super awesome show.  I cried.  And, just for the record… I was able to knock off 6 items from my perfect Mother’s Day list!  I checked off 4,5,7,8,9, and 10!  Works for me!  Now, onto the Listicles…

Thank you Rachée for a fun list suggestion this week!  I’ve decided to do my list on strange band names… one of them is fake.  Can you figure out which one?

Next week the topic comes from Lisa and Ashley: 10 Favorite Characters in Movies or TV.


  1. The Accountants

  2. Mike + the Mechanics

  3. Kentucky Headhunters

  4. The Dead Milkman

  5. The Cuff Links

  6. 30 Seconds to Mars

  7. Haircut One Hundred

  8. Veruca Salt

  9. Level 42

  10. The Football Wives


Okay… which one is fake?

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Hope you enjoyed my list!  If you have a band, what would it’s name be?  Something crazy?  Something mudane?  Share in the comments below!


UPDATE:  Click here for the answer!

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  1. Awesome way to do this week’s Monday Listicle! But I’m dying to know: Was I right? When will you reveal the fake band name?

  2. what a creative thing to do, love the quiz…of course I am sure I am wrong as I rarely listen to music.

  3. I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE Verruca Salt back in the day! Great list!!
    I think I knew all of them and was down to #1 and #10 being the fakers.
    #1 sounded like it could be true….so I went with #10 as the faker.

    Now I need to know!!! —Lisa

  4. Woo Hoo! I got it right! It was a tough call, awesome list!

  5. I took a guess. I had heard of some of them. If I had remembered The Kentucky Headhunters, they definitely would have been on my list. This is a fun blog! I guess with so many bands, each of them either land on one by chance, or are trying to get noticed. I did notice your blog because the title on the list and I seen ‘Fake’. lol. If I had a band it wouldn’t be called ‘Spice Girls’. Never thought about it honestly, until now, so off the top of my head I would say ‘Netta’s Voices’. 🙂

  6. It’s on the front page of my blog. 🙂

  7. Check out the home page of my blog. 🙂

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