Monday Listicles: 10 Ways to Spend 30 Minutes

It’s Monday.  Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day… this is my last week until classes start again.  Thought I had a longer break, bummer.  Weekend was crazy– kids were wound up because they couldn’t go outside and I was fighting a sinus/allergy thing.  I hate Ohio weather this time of year– one day its 70 and the next day its 30.  But, anyways… Monday’s mean its Listicles time.  This week’s topic is 10 Ways to Spent 30 Minutes.  Next week’s topic, courtesy of Jennifer  is 10 Acronyms That You Use Regularly.  (I have a week to remember what an acronym is…)

Check out my list, follow the link at the bottom and join us in the listing fun!

  1. Read a book.  I love to read and I seriously think the Kindle is one of this century’s greatest inventions.
  2. Go for a walk.  We have this amazing field behind our house– all the houses in our plat sit along the outer edge of the block and we have a football-field sized area out back.  The kids love to run and play back there.
  3. Scrapbook or make a card.  Of course, it takes me 15 minutes to get all my stuff out… but, who cares?
  4. Take a nap.  Okay, honestly… I have never taken a half hour nap.  It’s usually like 2 hours (or more.)
  5. Blogging.  I try to take a few minutes each week to visit my friends’ blogs and leave comments.
  6. Cook and/or find new recipes online.  I love to cook.  I love to try new recipes.  Unfortunately, my family doesn’t feel the same.
  7. Look through old photo albums or the kids’ scrapbooks.  It’s so crazy to see how much they have grown and the things they have discovered.
  8. Watching the world go by.  I love to people watch.  I like making up stories for who they are with and what they are doing and what their lives are like.
  9. Going for a ride.  Growing up, my family always called this “getting the stink blown off you.”  We’d hit the road, with the windows down and drive through the country or up to the lake.
  10. Play with my kids.  Of course, this usually turns into 30 minutes of uncontrollable laughter and giggling.  But, it is the absolute best way to spend 30 minutes.


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  1. Oh my list was selfish. I didn’t mention my so or husband at all. LOL! But it’s just 30 minutes right? I love your list and agree with them all except I can’t seem to make myself take a nap unless I don’t feel good.

  2. “blow the stink of ya” I so miss that phrase. best ever.

    It takes 30 minutes to dress my kids for the walk — then I don’t time for the actual walk.
    because every stone, feather, stick and dandelion MUST be inspected. we have to reserve at least half a day.

  3. those are wonderful things to do with your family babe. reading and going for a drive sound perfect to me.. I love when we all play together.

  4. Playing with the kids can be so much fun, I am just ready to take it out of the house!

  5. Ah….to read a book. Once I start, I can definitely stop at 30 minutes!

  6. lol @ #3 – 15 minutes to get out the supplies. I like making artist trading cards, but haven’t done so in awhile. It – card-making IS a lot of fun. awe on #10. that’s so sweet! Great list!

  7. lol to #3 too…but I am lucky to have a Stamp Pad to play in so I don’t have to put it away. Until the boys get old enough to ask why I don’t have to cleamn MY room…hmmm….

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