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Monday Manfiest: My Week Off

Happy Monday!  Last week I was off all week for shutdown and didn’t do a single thing I had planned.  Go figure.  So, for this week’s Monday Manifest I thought I would share five things I didn’t do and five things I did do… let’s go.

Monday Manifest: My Week Off| Mini Van Dreams


Monday Manfiest: My Week Off

Five things I should have done…

  1. Cleaned the house.
  2. Painted the kids’ rooms.
  3. Wrapped gifts before Christmas Eve.
  4. Took the window AC out of our attic room.
  5. Baked cookies.

Five things I did instead…

  1. Took the kids to see Sing.
  2. Got my nails done.
  3. Finished the exterior of my dollhouse.
  4. Bought lamps for the living room.
  5. Read.


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