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Mother’s Day Card for Moms that Sew

Mother’s Day is coming up!  Today, I am sharing this super-cute Mother’s Day Card for Moms that sew!  It looks difficult, but it really is quite simple.  It is, however, more complex than most of my cards.  So, don’t get discouraged- just practice on the dress folds with some scrap paper!  Ready?  Gather your supplies and let’s go!

Mother's Day Card for Moms that Sew | Mini Van Dreams


  • 6 x 12″ card stock for base, folded and creased
  • 5.5 x 5.5″ notebook printed scrapbook paper*
  • 5 x 5″ printed paper for dress
  • Pencil
  • 4″ ruler-printed Washi tape (or strips cut from ruler printed scrapbook paper)
  • 1 small hanger (this can be found with doll house decorations at the craft store)
  • 1 decorative flower or button
  • 12″ decorative trim of choice
  • 1 strip of small rhinestones
  • Scrapbook adhesive
  • Scrapbook or thin craft glue
  • 4 pop dots
  • 5″ coordinating baker’s twine or ribbon
  • Small sentiment stamp and ink pad
  • Dress template from Split Coast Stampers
  • Distressing ink, if desired


  1. Print the dress template at “actual” size after saving it to your desktop.
  2. Cut out the template and trace it lightly on the backside of your 5 x 5″ printed paper.  Make sure you also trace/freehand the fold lines.  Cut out the bodice and the dress.
  3. Fold dress on lines using the picture as an example.  The first fold on the left needs to be folded with printed sides together.  The last fold on the right needs to be folded the same.  This “seals” the dress to the card.  (See photo.)
  4. Tear the notebook printed paper’s edges on top and bottom to create a distressed look.  Use distressing ink on edges, if desired.  Adhere to cardstock base with scrapbook adhesive at an angle as shown.
  5. Tear Washi tape or ruler paper in half and adhere to the top right corner and the bottom left corner as shown.
  6. On a scrap of the notebook paper, stamp the sentiment and set aside to dry.
  7. Adhere button or flower to top right of card layered over Washi tape.
  8. Cut decorative trim to fit (with overhand on either side) the bottom of the dress.  Adhere with scrapbook or craft glue.  Fold cut trim edges over and adhere to back to secure.  Set aside to dry for a few minutes.
  9. With remaining trim, adhere to bottom “waistline” of bodice.  Again, secure edges on the back.  Set aside to dry for a few minutes.
  10. Tie baker twine in a bow around top of hanger.  Adhere hanger positioned as shown.  Note: you might need to use a small piece of tape to keep this in place.  Just make sure it is hidden by the bodice.
  11. Adhere a 1″ (or so) strip of rhinestones to bottom right hand corner of card as shown.
  12. Carefully, adhere a strip of rhinestones around the bodice neckline, if desired.
  13. Using 2 pop dots, adhere the bodice to look like it is hanging from the hanger.
  14. Add adhesive (or glue) to the dress on both ends and the “down fold” in the center.  Carefully arrange the dress to look like it is attached to the bodice as shown.
  15. Using a pencil, add sewing terms and/or notations on the notebook printed paper as in the picture.
  16. Carefully, tear the edges of the stamped sentiment into a rectangle.  Adhere to top left corner with 2 pop dots.

*If you use double-sided card stock for your cardstock base as I did in the example, you will need additional notebook printed paper (another 5.5 x 5.5″ square) to adhere inside for space to write.

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