My Grocery List Repeatedly – Monday Listicles

It’s Monday and time for Monday Listicles.  This week’s topic is Things We Buy Each Week, or what I dubbed My Grocery List Repeatedly.  Next week’s topic comes from Christine : 10 PHOTOS OF LIFE WITH KIDS.  And for all you not wanting to share pictures of your children, don’t panic. Furry ones, spouses acting like ones, neighbor’s annoying ones or celebrity ones… Anything goes!  So, link up and have some fun!

Each week, these items make it on the list– I get questioned by the 4 year old FBI wannabes to see if they are on the list before I walk out the door… go figure.

  1. Macaroni and cheese – the “good” kind as Bo specifies
  2. Spaghetti and meatballs – the red label, not the purple label per Mo
  3. Cottage cheese
  4. Milk
  5. Yogurt
  6. Hot dogs – the premium, no nitrate added turkey ones– you have to have SOME standards
  7. Bananas or ‘naners as my kids call them
  8. Cheese – in every flavor, shape, and form available
  9. Chips and salsa – for the Hubs, i.e. the OTHER kid
  10. Alcohol – or, how I refer to it – “Damn, how’d that get in the cart?”


There you have it… my grocery list repeatedly.  And, actually, the repeated list is longer than that– I didn’t add Nana Crackers (club crackers), soda, chicken noodle soup, chicken, Cocoa Puffs, toilet paper…

What do YOU buy each week?

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  1. Got to have bananas right? It seems like our lists are quite similar. We can tell who has little kids at home, right?

  2. great list babe…now that I let Dino eat cheese he too loves all kinds of cheese… funny how all hubbys are the other kids…funny and sad, LOL. He could eat mac./cheese all day every day. From now on I should ask him to make a list too..I;d love to see our different lists.

  3. It seems that cheese is a popular item on everyone’s list. I put it on there too – we go through block cheese and shredded cheese like the wind. It’s so versatile! I should have put bananas on my list because I constantly have to repurchase them because I only buy like 2-3 at a time to avoid tossing out brown ones.

    Happy Listicles Monday.

  4. We buy many of those same things. I also buy frozen waffles and microwaveable pancakes, lunch meat, bread, OJ and cookies. Must have some form of sweet on the list … for ME! 🙂

  5. Cottage cheese is definitely on our list as well…at least 3 cartons a week! My husband eats it with EVERYTHING, so of course my son does as well.

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