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A few weeks ago, I had pinched my sciatica nerve (again) and ended up taking a day off of work to relax.  Thankfully, I have a job where I can work from home and my boss is pretty lenient about it as long as the work is done.  Nana came up to watch the kids while I whimpered and whined about the pain I was in.  The kids loved having me home and kept taking care of me– asking me if I needed water or food or the remote control.  This was one of those days I wish I could video the kids all day… they say and do the cutest things sometimes… My life was not complete until I had twins.

Towards noon, I think the novelty of having mom home was wearing off.  I was sitting on the couch with the recliner kicked back and Bo was sitting on the arm of the couch.  He was leaning against me with his head against mine watching TV while I was working on the laptop.  Mo was sitting on my left leaning against me.

Bo:  “Mom, can I ask you a question?”

Me:  “Sure.  What’s your question?”

Bo:  “Can I have a snack?”

Me:  “It’s almost lunch time, maybe we can talk Nana into going up town for McDonald’s.”

Bo:  “I want a snack.”

Me: “No, its lunch time.”

Nana: “I will run to McDonald’s, what do you kids want?”

Mo: “Chicken nuggets with white dippy.”

Nana: “Bo?”

Bo:  “Nana, I am talking to my Mother, not you.”


Guess he told you Nana.  We laughed so hard we cried.  I just wish I could convey the tone of voice he used– it was like he was shocked that Nana dared interrupt him while he was talking to me.

These are the moments I wish I could video tape and make a highlight reel of our lives.

I think maybe it’s time to work on their people skills.

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  1. Julia, I hope you feel better. I found you from This Girls Life blog hop Wednesday and I am so glad I did. I have three kids and I don’t want them to grow up. I love what they say and wish I had a recorder going all the time. Enjoy your day!

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