New Things – Monday Listicles

Monday’s Listicle for this week is New Things.  And, Stasha can’t remember what she meant by that so we are having a free-for-all!  Next week’s topic is up for grabs… what would you like to see a list of?  If you haven’t joined the Monday Listicle fun, make your list and come join the party!  Now, for 10 Things New…  

10 New Things

  1. Our blog design – what do you think?
  2. My Etsy store: Jewelry & Scraps
  3. The fresh snow out side (and ice…)
  4. All the new Christmas toys to play with
  5. The Steelers are soon to be undefeated again
  6. My newly cleaned and decluttered bedroom
  7. My new blog planner, all fresh for the year.
  8. New, fresh, unmarked 2014 calendars
  9. The kids’ new coats (Thanks Kenny!)
  10. Kashtin, the dog we are trying to adopt


What are some new things in your life?

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  1. Your blog design looks lovely! I downloaded a blog planner over the weekend. Now I just have to put it to work. It might help with my random, what should I write posts!

  2. I am using your blog planner in an attempt to reach my goal of being better organized this year. So far, pretty good!

  3. Looks like an excellent list! Full of positives!

    Blog planner…hmmmmm!

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