Tuesday in VBS, the bible story referred to “Jesus of Nazareth” and one of the kids asked why they just didn’t refer to him as Jesus.  I explained to the children that they didn’t have last names and that was a way to identify the person they were speaking of. 
The next day during lunch, I found a website that had a worksheet that listed various bible verses and you had to identify what “nickname” Jesus was referred to in that particular verse.  (i.e. Immanuel, Lamb of God, etc)
To reiterate the lesson, I asked them to name a couple of nicknames they went by.  They then asked me… and I started to laugh.  Various people have called me so many things through the years…
Peanut Woman
Jules Verne
Lady Racer
Julian (shout out to J-Lowe!)
I’ve been different nicknames at different times.  Some have stuck for years, like Jules and Sissy.
I was Peanut Woman in high school thanks to an errant airborne peanut shell landing in my ear.
I am Ju to my college roommate.
I was Freckles to my high school history teacher.
I was Babs and Babbette to my, who was affectionately referred to as Bubba.
My uncle calls me Ju-ju.  My husband calls me Jules. 
Who knows what I will be known as in the future…
Do you have any crazy nicknames?  Comment and share them!  


  1. linking up from the Mom’s Monday Mingle. I love all your nick manes. I have actually only had one-Bernilla. I have no idea why. It just was. And it has been my email address for the past 12 or more years.=)

  2. I’ve never had anything crazy, but in high school my nickname was Spaz, as I rarely sat or stood still. My family calls me Crissy, which I’ve hated ever since Three’s Company. And really, a peanut shell in the ear? What are the odds?? 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    you for got pumpkin head from grandpa taylor.
    my pix is the bird on your followers LOL

  4. My dad always called me Jep, Jeppie, or Jeppie Jones. No idea why as my last name is not Jones, and S’s are nowhere near P’s. lol I had so many nicknames… maybe I’ll post about that as well. lol Great idea Julie! (And I’ve always like Jules as a nickname for Julie) 🙂

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