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Nottadog Cafe – a Hidden Gem in the Square

Located in a tucked-away corner of Urbana’s Monument Square, Nottadog Cafe is a unique restaurant that serves delicious steak dogs, savory sides, specialty drinks, and more.

You won’t find a typical hot dog here! “Nottadogs” are delicious steak dogs made with 100% steak, seasonings, and spices, along with other fresh ingredients. This is not a hamburger or a hotdog. It’s a nottadog! They are free from preservatives, gluten, nitrates, and artificial crap.

Nottadog offers signature dogs, Chef’s Choice Creations, and traditional toppings. (I highly recommend The Frank!) There is also a kid’s menu that will please even the pickiest eater!

Courtesy of Nottadog Cafe

Is your mouth watering? It is about to get worse. You’re gonna love their sides! Fries, mac-n-cheese, baked beans, coleslaw, and more are available! Plus, they provide a complete selection of coffee, espresso, pastries, cheesecake, and more! And, some are made gluten-free! Do you remember old-school fountain shops? Remember phosphates? Yep… they have those. I have not had a phosphate in 35+ years. And, well, I am in love.

Courtesy of Nottadog Cafe
Courtesy of Nottadog Cafe
Courtesy of Nottadog Cafe

And, seriously… if this isn’t enough to tempt you to visit… check out the decor! Oh my! The repurposed old wood and tin ceiling!

Taking a Look Back

Nottadog Cafe is located where Ewing Restaurant & Cafeteria was in the ’70s. Ewing’s was well-known in Champaign County and even west-central Ohio. The Pooler family operated the restaurant/cafeteria, coffee shop, and bakery. After going through the line, uniformed waitresses would carry each tray to a table in the dining room.

Courtesy of the Champaign County Historical Society

Plan a Visit to Nottadog Cafe

Nottadog Cafe is definitely worth the drive to Urbana, Ohio. Make a day of it… visit the small, local shops in town – from antiques, clothing, local foods, and gifts to a candy store that has been in business for over 125 years! Nearby are Freshwater Farms of Ohio, Marie’s Candies, and Ohio Caverns!

Visit their Facebook page for more information about Nottadog Cafe’s hours, menu, baked goods, drinks, and special Chef’s Choice creations!

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  1. Yes. NotaDog is very good. I had the Reuben. I loved it… And the loaded tator tots were good too. Friendly staff alot if fun!

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