Oh No You Didn’t Moments

Today was a rough day for this momma… the twins started pre-Kindergarten today.  I cried.  They didn’t.  Go figure.  Anyways, in all the excitement I totally forgot to do my Monday Listicles post on 10 “Oh No You Didn’t” Moments.  Next week’s topic is 10 Things I Will Remember This Summer By.  So, without further adieu…

  1. I once walked out into the shop area in the car dealership where I worked, and slipped and fell on my butt in a skirt in front of all the technicians.  They clapped.
  2. At the same car dealership, I was complaining about the used car department and said something along the lines of “all those used car salesmen are a bunch of dumb a$$es.”  I heard someone clear their throat– it was the used car salesman.
  3. I once pinched my sciatica nerve and strained my hip flexor plucking my eyebrows.  To this day, the doctor thinks the Hubs and I were getting frisky on the kitchen sink.  We weren’t.
  4. I actually excused myself from a meeting with all men by saying, “I have to go potty.”
  5. I got lost in the hospital twice while the Hubs was there after his surgery.  So lost, I had to ask directions.
  6. One day, I got home from work at our old house and someone had broken a beer bottle at the foot of our driveway.  Not wanting to slice a tire, I carefully drove around it… and managed to scrape the side of the truck along the fence post.  Oops.
  7. I have been known to accidentally walk into Men’s restrooms.  Several times.
  8. One day at Pizza Hut, I was taking off my rubber bands from my braces so I could eat, and the one went flying onto the pizza on the table next to us.  I didn’t say anything.  The best part was, my dentist was sitting at a different table.
  9. I was at a local rustic/antique consignment place and wanted a particular milk jug to use as a vase.  It was part of the decor and not for sale.  So, I took the flowers out and took it to the counter and acted like it was just something for sale on the shelf.  They sold it to me.  It’s on my mantle.
  10. I have gotten dressed and left for work and made it half way to work before realizing I forgot to put on a bra.

There you have it, my 10 Oh No You Didn’t Moments.  What’s yours?

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  1. Hilarious!!! I don’t even know which of these I like best. I am laughing – OMG!!!
    As for school, it’s heartbreaking but always a good sign when only YOU are crying! Chin up twin mama!!

  2. Don Gibson says:

    Great list, enjoyed a nice laugh after a long day

  3. Hahaha!!! This list made me love you even more. So much more. The rubber band one especially. GREAT list!

  4. OMG…I love it babe…I forget deodorant all the time…I have to keep one in my car and one in my bag…

    OMG…the falling and them clapping…that could be me.

    Did they eat the pizza and not know….OMG….I just can’t…holding in a loud laugh right now.

  5. The sad thing is… I had a hard time choosing which ones to include! LOL.

  6. I have some at work, in my purse, in my glove box… LOL.

  7. You forgot one that you wore the price tag hanging out on your clothes all day and no one said anything…..

  8. I love that you said, “I have to go potty” in a meeting. Hilarious! (Although probably didn’t seem hilarious to you at the time!)

  9. LOL, this list! I too am a true klutz, though more apt to walk into things or knock things over than fall. But hey, we klutzes gotta stick together. 🙂

  10. I’d fist bump you, but I’d probably miss. LOL.

  11. Actually, I bust out laughing at everyone’s faces.

  12. We could seriously be twins, separated at birth…this sounds like a list I could create. For mine (I am terribly late to this week’s listicles party) I just narrowed it to my and my kiddos’ destruction of all things technology. That provided enough material for 14 items….

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