origami heart via mini van dreams.com

Origami Heart & Giveaway

Today’s the final day of fun Valentine’s Day Ideas.  We are going to show you how to make an origami heart and, because we are feeling the love, we are also having a surprise Valentine’s Day giveaway!  You could win a custom necklace or keychain from my Etsy shop – Jewelry and Scraps.  You get to design it and I will have it to you in time for Valentine’s Day!  

origami heart via mini van dreams.com


  • 3 x 6″ sheet of origami paper OR single-sided scrapbook paper – you want one side to be white, the other side can be printed or solid color
  • Bone folder, optional



step 1 origami heart via mini van dreams

Step 1. Fold paper in half horizontally with the white side in.  Crease well and unfold.

step 2 origami heart via mini van dreams

Step 2. Fold top and bottom halves to center fold line (from previous step).  Crease well.

step 3 origami heart via mini van dreams

Step 3.  Unfold the bottom half.  Fold the bottom edge up to the fold line immediately above.  Crease well.  (Leave folded as in picture for step 3.)

step 4 origami heart via mini van dreams

Step 4.  Fold in half side-to-side.  Crease well.  Unfold.

step 5 origami heart via mini van dreams

Step 5.  Flip paper over. (White stripe will be toward table).  Fold both sides diagonally to the center fold line.  Crease well.

step 6 origami heart via mini van dreams

Step 6. Flip paper over again.  Make four small diagonal folds to shape the heart.

finished origami heart via mini van dreams

Flip over and enjoy your striped origami heart! 

Now, on to the Valentine’s Day Surprise Giveaway!

Up for grabs is one customized necklace OR keychain from my Etsy store, Jewelry & Scraps.  Several design options are available – you can pick the finish, shape,  and what you want in your pendant.  We can do a map of a special place, with or without a heart, or one of the pictures on my Etsy store.  It will be handmade and delivered to you before Valentine’s Day!  And, if you don’t win… don’t worry!  If you use the coupon code blog20 during checkout on my store, you can get 20% off!  

Because I am feeling the love for my readers this week, it’s going to be a simple giveaway – to enter you just need to share your favorite or most romantic Valentine’s Day gift!  Additional entries are available for Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook follows.  So, have at it!  Good luck!  

Please enter on the form below, or click the link if the form is not visible.


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