Our Newest Family Members

Last Friday afternoon, we welcomed two new family members into our crazy lives. No, not new dogs or cats, or children, Heaven forbid.

Two flame tetras.

Why, you ask? Because mommy felt guilty about going to Chicago.

Friday, I called into work and we headed up North to the Super Wal-mart. It was still hush-hush on what I had planned. We did some shopping and then hit the pet aisle. We purchased a 1.5 gallon tank kit, along with rocks for the bottom. That was fun… no one could agree on the color, but I digress.

They finally agreed on a mix of green, blue, purple and pink. Everyone’s favorite colors were represented.

We went to this place for lunch– even further north– for a home cooked meal. Then, hit Jack’s Aquarium. Man, did they see us coming.

If Jack’s wasn’t in the black that day– they are now.

We walked around and looked at the different animals– birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, lizards, snakes… twice. I finally convinced the twins to come look at the fish to pick some out. The clerk comes over and I mistakenly ask her for some advice.

I know more about fish, their eating habits, their mating habits, and their tank preferences than any sane accountant needs to know. Finally, I said… “which are the hardest to kill.” We ended up with Flame Tetras.

And tank decorations.

And a plant.

And water conditioner.

And fish food that has a slider top. (She seemed to think it was important, perhaps it makes it taste better to the fish. I don’t know.)

While discussing the various fish– okay, while she was talking and my eyes were glazed over and I was on some warm beach with an umberella’d frozen drink… Troy manages to trip over the step stool that is off to the side and scrapes his knee all up.

Thank God mommy has a first aid kit.

I pay for our expensive treat and we head home (of course, after disinfecting and bandaging Troy’s knee).

We get home and the kids are having nap time and I attempt to set up this tank. I am an accountant. I graduated summa cum laude. Ummmm… having a little difficulties setting up the tank.

Nana thinks its funny.

At this point, I just dump the fish in without acclimenting them to their water. (I heard the collective gasp– they are just fish.) Nana just shakes her head.

Its been a few days. The fish have added a new level to my morning routine… light on, fish food crumbled for their little mouths (per the Internet) and then verifying there are no floaters (i.e. dead fish).

You know, I figure its a good day when there aren’t any dead fish.

P.S.  That scary thing in the middle isn’t the fish… that was the decoration the kids picked out.  The fish are on the left.  🙂


  1. Good luck! I cannot seem to keep fish alive:( Found you through Bloggy Moms:) New Linky follower!

  2. My daughter is afraid of dogs and wary of cats so I’m almost positive she’ll be haranguing us for a fish sometime in the future. I’ll keep checking in to hear your tales of the family fish.

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