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Personalized Sticker Reward Chart

As a parent, we are always looking for ways to motivate our children to be their best – whether it is healthy eating, following the rules, getting good grades, or doing their chores.  One way to do this is with a reward system, using some sort of tracker to mark when the behaviors are met and then rewarding them for a job well done. has been creating colorful, fun and personalized charting products since 2000!

The twins had the opportunity to try out‘s Super Star Award Reward Chart with the healthy eating sticker bundle.  They loved the personalized stickers with the vibrant colors and their names on each sticker.  It was fun seeing them get excited to place their stickers on the chart and “compete” with each other on how they were doing.

If stars are a little too bland for your tastes, has designs ranging from farm animals to cars to castles to ballerinas to “tournament” style charts.  Their products can be used from preschool on up to high school and for different motivation techniques – potty training, grades, chores, motivation, encouragement and more!  They also carry “reward” items such as personalized key rings, book marks, certificates and more.

The charts are printed on a glossy card stock and held up extremely well taped to a wall in our dining room.  The stickers are thick and high-quality.  They seem to be colorfast – I attempted to rub one with a washcloth to see if the color came off and it didn’t… (Hey, what can I say?  I have to see how durable they are!)  Each sticker sheet contains several colorful, personalized stickers and can be used both on the chart, or as a reward for your child to wear on his or her shirt for the day.

What I didn’t like about the charts and stickers – but this is just my opinion – is that they were not reusable.  I attempted to pull off one of the stickers but it was stuck tight.  However, based on the prices for the charts – I am not sure it is even a valid pain point.  One chart averages approximately $4 and if you need more (for a classroom), the prices are very reasonable for a 30 pack.  So, the fact that the charts are not reusable would not stop me from purchasing these in the future for the twins.

Personalized Sticker Reward Charts [REVIEW] | Mini Van Dreams

If you are looking for a fun and colorful motivational tool – these stickers, charts, and rewards from are awesome.  I love the colorful artwork and how each chart can be used for whatever you need to encourage or motivate – and that they can be used for all ages by choosing appropriate designs. offers unique, personalized stickers that make it fun for teachers and parents to reward correct behaviors at school and at home.  And, they even offer a sticker maker if you can’t find exactly what you need!


Personalized School Sticker Reward Chart [REVIEW] | Mini Van Dreams

All in all, these reward charts and stickers are great value and are an excellent motivator for all ages.  The fun designs and colors, as well as the personalized stickers, help keep the momentum and motivation headed in the right direction.  The twins and I give them 6 thumbs up!  

You can learn more at or check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

Note:  I did not use pictures of our actual products to protect the twins’ privacy.  As you know, I do not use their “real” names on the blog and their stickers/charts were personalized for them to review.

Disclosure: I received two Super Star Award Reward Charts and a healthy eating sticker bundles for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  No affiliate links present in this post.  

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