Pittsburgh or Bust!

For Don’s 40th birthday, I bought us tickets to see the Steelers and Cardinals at Heinz Field.  We went several years ago to a Steelers home game and have wanted to go back for awhile.  This past Sunday was the game and we had an amazing time.  Except I was sick.  And it was cold.  And it rained.

On our first trip to Pittsburgh, we accidentally stumbled across one of the best pizza joints ever… ‘Burgh’s Pizza and Wing Pub.  So, needless to say this was our first stop once we arrived and checked into our hotel.



In our excursion to get to the stadium, we had to go thru the Fort Pitt tunnel… I am a dork, but I think it is super cool.




On our first visit, we found out that you can park on the South Shore MUCH cheaper than you can by the stadium and then ridge the Gateway Clipper across the junction of the three rivers and be dropped off literally steps from the stadium.



Unfortunately, this visit there was a TON of construction and the map app on my phone sucks.  We got lost.  Very lost.  Which resulted in a very scenic route around Pittsburgh.  And an illegal left turn.  The picture below is a photo of two illegal turners who didn’t get caught.  And yes, that is the bathroom door behind us.  We stood in the back of the boat.




The view of Three Rivers from Heinz Field dock.



Finally, after our sightseeing tour through Pittsburgh and our law breaking… we arrived.



Art Rooney and I… we are tight.  A few seconds after this, I almost fell off that ledge.



If you remember, this past summer Don and I went up to Canton to see Jerome Bettis be inducted into the Football Hall of Fame.  This is his “locker” in the FedEx Hall at Heinz Field.



Pregame warmups.



Don in all his gear.



Did I mention how cold it was?  Or that I was sick?  Or all I brought to wear was a sweatshirt.  That’s why I had to spent $24 on a ski hat… I guess I should be happy it said Steelers.



Pretty clouds, huh?  Funny thing those clouds.  They bring rain.  Cold rain.  And wind off the river.  And rain.



Game time…



Wave those Terrible Towels!



After a crazy game, we beat the Cardinals 25 to 13.  It was worth breaking the law, braving the cold and being sick…

Of course, no trip to Pittsburgh is complete without an “almost famous” steak sandwich from Primanti Brothers.  If you aren’t familiar with these, just turn on the Food Network… they feature them on various shows all the time.  It is French bread piled high with steak, cole slaw, fries, tomato, onion, and cheese… and it is the best thing ever.  I swear, all we did was eat our way through Pittsburgh…





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